Excellent term papers for students

The course paper is a scientific study of a university student, and also like all graduation and diploma papers, is defended at a meeting of the commission. The purpose of the course paper is to reveal the scientific potential of the student, the degree of his mastery of knowledge in organizing and conducting independent research. When you are writing a paper course, you have to use modern methods and approaches in solving problems in the study area, scientifically draw up the results of the research described in the course paper. Much attention is paid to how you can argue and well-developed recommendations and suggestions.

Content requirements according to writing a term paper format

The content of the project must meet the following requirements:
  • The topic should be relevant from both theoretical and practical terms.
  • The problem should be formulated, the degree of its development, the illumination of the problem in the scientific literature and the possibility of its solution in practice
  • It is necessary to analyze the current state of the problem at the moment and trends in its changes
  • The main conclusions and results of the study of the problem posed in the objectives of the course paper should be reasoned
  • It is imperative to formulate and offer recommendations on how to solve the problem under study.

The volume of exchange paper usually makes up 30-40 pages depending on the specialty. Applications in this volume do not go. Additionally, a summary is written. The text is printed on one side of an A4 sheet. The page number is placed in the center of the top margin or on the right in the bottom margin. Page numbering begins with a title page on which the number “1” does not: put. All subsequent text, including a list of references and applications, is numbered in order to the last page.

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